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Alternative Health Food Supplement - Sorghum, Spirulina
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Geva has been providing quality products and services since our founding in 1999.

Our mission

To provide the global market with the highest quality super food with consistency and cost effectiveness.

consistency comply with the highest international standards of health, manufacturing, corporate governance and environmental issues.

employ, maintain and develop the highest calibre employees whilst pre-empting international human resource practices.

continuously strive to further develop our existing technology for the benefit of mankind.

We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to deliver quality to our customers and clients


The principles of Geva are business entrepreneurs with the experience that include: Empirical doctoral academic research pertaining to the bio-technical production and harvesting of micro algae; Human Food, Animal Feed Sciences, Food Science; Environmental Science; Water Management; Business and Financial Management; Veterinary Science; Business Development and Industrial Engineering.

What sets Geva apart from the rest of the world is its technology, and the ability to produce and harvest a super food in abundance, gram for gram micro algae contains the most powerful combination of nutrients ever discovered in any whole food source, and this fact prompted the United Nations to comment that “Micro algae is the most ideal food for mankind


Management of many chronic illness with our advanced nutritional foods and supplements


International Crown Quality Award winner in London 2008 - Gold


ADP Africa Development Partnerships

Siphamandla Clinical Trials

Environmental Policy Statement

This statement applies to all land, premises and activities within the control of our company.

Geva is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and to minimizing the environmental impacts of risks arising from its activities.

Geva will manage its operations in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically feasible and provide appropriate environmental education programs for its staff.

Key objectives:

Integrating environmental management into the business by establishing an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001;

To promote sound environmental management policies and practices throughout the company;

As a minimum, to comply with applicable National and Local environmental laws and Relevant legislation;

To make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy and water;

To promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services;

To minimize waste production as far as is practicable, to reuse or recycle waste where appropriate and to regulate the treatment and disposal residual waste;

To reduce and promote pollution prevention;

Ensuring that the socioeconomic benefits of the project are maximized;

To ensuring transparency in the development and communication of the Company’s environmental policy to employees and the public;

To raise awareness of staff of the Company’s environmental impact, activities and performance and to promote individual good practice;

The main responsibility for implementation of this policy lies with the company’s Board and Chief Executive Officer.

The Directors of different centers are responsible for ensuring compliance with Company Environmental Policy within their area of control.

Whilst the Company accepts the main responsibility for implementation of this policy, individuals have a very important role in cooperating with those responsible for safeguarding the environment.

Individuals are required to abide by rules and requirements made under the authority of this policy.

Product Research & Development

It is important that the enormity of the possibilities that algae can offer to humanity, be fully exploited and harnessed. Some of our goals are to present the evidence in a way that:

1.   Allows ordinary people to begin to grasp the remarkable amount of health-related evidence that supports the use of algae as a dietary                supplement

2.   Provides the kind of scientific evidence that is required for scientist and doctors to understand the potential therapeutic uses of algae and           thereby encourage further research and clinical application.

A hundred years ago, during the reign of medicinal herbs and natural remedies, this simple blue green algae might have been a household name had it been known. It would have acquired its reputation for being a food that, when taken in small quantities, gave one added energy and mental clarity, boosted energy levels and protected the immune system, and had a remarkable restorative effect

The history and the development of modern medicine are most certainly fascinating. Many people assume that the current mainstream medical view is the culmination of centuries of experimentation and knowledge, yielding the best possible understanding of health. Unfortunately, it is not so. Historically medicine has been a story of opposition between conflicting views regarding health and disease.

The path medicine has taken has been determined too often by events and circumstances. One such event that drastically shaped today’s medicine was the acceptance of Pasteur’s work over that of Bernard, one of the pioneers in the theory that the whole body, or the terrain, is the determining factor in health.

Bernard held that if the terrain were well maintained by proper nutrition and strong immunity, diseases would not develop. On the other hand Pasteur – who provided the evidence of a ubiquitous world – suggested that the root cause of all disease is the introduction of bacteria into the body, regardless of the terrain.

There is however much evidence indicating that the best synergy is achieved when eating natural foods. One such natural, food with astonishing bio-modulating effects are the naturally occurring blue-green algae


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