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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page. Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please E-mail us at anthony@lazerlink.co.za

What is The Geva F Series?

The Geva F Series is an advanced nutritional formula that is fortified with Spirulina.


What is Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina platensis)?

Spirulina platensis is a member of the Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) family; it has a spiral multi-cellular, filamentous structure consisting of proteins and sugar and it contains no cellulose as commonly found in almost all-vegetable matter. All vitamins are found in Spirulina platensis. Not until the early 1980’s did the modern world turn its attention to the commercial cultivation of Spirulina platensis today known as Arthrospira platensis its scientific name. Today Spirulina platensis is commercially cultivated in several of the leading countries in the world.

Why is Arthrospira platensis an ideal food for mankind?

Arthrospira platensis consists of more concentrated nutrients than any other food, vegetables, seeds or plants, respectively. having more than 60 % protein, of which all are easy to digest, basically it contains the most powerful combination of nutrients ever discovered in any whole food source, with all the different vitamins and a perfectly balanced combination having all eight of the essential amino acids, 10 of the 12 nonessential amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, antioxidants and Phytonutrients, minerals and trace elements, beta-carotene, all vitamins, omega 3 &6 minerals and essential fatty acids.

What clinical studies have been done on Arthrospira platensis?

Arthrospira platensis has been researched by thousands of scientists worldwide in the past 30 years. See the Spirulina library in the page clinical information

How safe is Arthrospira platensis for human consumption?

Arthrospira platensis has long history about safety, declared a safe food by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration -USA) as it has been consumed for thousands of years, such as the Knobe tribe living on Lake Chad and the Mexicans. Recently, Arthrospira platensis is adapted as food products in more than 70 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the United Nations in 1974 noted that Arthrospira platensis is the ideal food for mankind, and WHO has also supported Arthrospira platensis as the safe food with excellent nutrition especially for children.

Is Arthrospira platensis Toxic?

Arthrospira platensis is absolutely free from toxic; it is consumed for health improvement. No fatally has been reported

How is The Geva F Series different from other products on the market?

Other nutritious food possesses different properties for nourishment, whereby some of them must be consumed under the supervision of the physician or in limited quantity to prevent some side effects, which could occur as these products are fortified with synthetic nutrients. The Geva F Series is completely natural, sorghum fortified with Arthrospira platensis, a super food that is natural and consumable without any side effect.

What is the usefulness of The Geva F Series to the body?

    To list but a few:

    1  A positive effect on immune compromised people

    2  Balances the body’s metabolism

    3  Builds health lactobacillus

    4  Cholesterol reduction

    5  Increases vitality and stamina

    6  Iron bioavailability and correction of anemia

    7  Liver detoxification

    8  Malnutrition recovery

    9  Modulating the immune system

    10 Natural beta carotene and cancer prevention

    11 Positive effects for diabetes and hypertension

    12 Reduces affects of radiation treatment

    13 Reduces kidney toxicity from mercury and drugs

    14 Wound healing


What are the nutritious elements of the Geva F Series?

Arthrospira platensis and sorghum on its own, consists of several nutritious elements, which are important for health improvement. These elements are proteins, essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fat, sugar, mineral salts and calories.

What is the suitability of Geva F Series?

The Geva F Series is suitable to use as nutritious food not only for healthy, unhealthy person but also for those who have the following symptoms; chronic fatigue, easily tired, easy to catch cold, insufficient consumption of green or yellow vegetables, dizziness, lack of some nutrients, skipping of meals like breakfast or person under diet. Suitable for individuals as pre-HAART and for those on HAART alleviating side effects of ARVs

What is the appropriate serving of the Geva F Series?

The appropriate serving is based on the suggested serving, such as the healthy person should take 3-4 scoops a day.

Immune compromised individuals should follow the recommended servings.

Why do some interactions occur after the Geva F Series is being consumed?

The body interaction against the Geva F Series is extremely rare, such as skin allergy, mild fever, is only temporary incident, which shall be automatically recovered within 2-3 days. This interaction can be caused by unhealthy and/or insufficient consuming of the Geva F Series. In contrast, there are no side effects on a healthy person. Consumption of Geva F Series as it would nourish and balance your health. Nauseous can be experienced for a few days to the body cleansing process which could last for a few days.

Is it possible to consume the Geva F Series with medicine?

The Geva F Series is not a medicine, yet it is the natural food containing with 5 groups of essential nutrients. It is, therefore, consumable with other medicines and also helps body absorbing full benefits from medicine. For individuals taking anti-clotting medication, they should consult their doctor, as the Geva F Series contains anti-clotting enzymes

Can the patient at the recovery stage take the Geva F Series?

A patient at the recovery stage needs nutrients in order to comeback to normal stage since the Geva F Series is an advanced nutritional whole food that has plenty of nutrients and has wound healing properties.

How does the Geva F Series benefit the individuals who insufficiently takes green or yellow vegetables?

Person who does not consumes green or yellow vegetables can take the Geva F Series as food because it consists of vitamins, mineral salts and other pigments, such as chlorophyll, vitamin A, beta-carotene, etc. to substitute the natural compositions from vegetables.

Should children take the Geva F Series?

Definitely yes! Protein in the Geva F Series will develop and enhance the growth of children. They can consume the Geva F Series by mixing with milk, any juice or clean water as a smoothie or soft porridge.

Can the Geva F Series reduce stress?

Person under stress or mental problems may be influenced by diseases, such as peptic ulcer or hypertension. Those who suffered from such disease should take some sources of food containing large quantity of vitamin B complex, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, which are mostly found in the Geva F Series. It is, therefore, considered as a good source of food for reducing serious illness and strengthening health of all patients.

How does the Geva F Series benefit individuals suffering from peptic ulcer?

The medication for peptic ulcer treatment consists of chlorophyll. Due to the property of chlorophyll-contained in the Geva F Series it can reduce the inflammation of stomach. So, it is believed that the Geva F Series might help treating peptic ulcer.


The Geva F Series and the elderly

An older people usually has some chronic diseases, such as hypertension, cardiopathy, and some types of cancer, diabetes, gout, cataract, liver disease or renal disease. The Geva F Series will improve the health of the elderly person. Some researches in Japan has found out that more than 70 % of people taking Spirulina were over 50 years old, whereby 57 % were female. They mentioned that the purpose of taking Arthrospira platensis was for treating some diseases, health improvement and food supplement, respectively. This can be concluded that the Geva F Series is considered as the life-extending medicine for old age, because it can well protect many elderly diseases.

Arthrospira platensis and youngster

Arginine is an essential amino acid containing in semen for approximately 80 %. Lacking of arginine may cause sexual disability or sterility. Tryptophan is also an amino acid affecting to the confidence of male sexual power. In addition, zinc is a mineral useful for treating abnormal sexual function. As spirulina consists of amino acids, calcium and zinc that resulted to sexual potency. So, Arthrospira platensis is suitable for both young female and male.

Does Arthrospira platensis help reduce cholesterol?

Recently, it is widely recognized that cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack, which is the most serious problem of public health. Reduction of cholesterol is another way to decrease risk of cardiopathy. Consequently, Arthrospira platensis is the natural food that helps in reducing cholesterol.Some researches mentioned that taking Arthrospira platensis could reduce cholesterol. This may be because body had received GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid), which is mostly found from Arthrospira platensis.

How does Arthrospira platensis help sportsman?

Sportsman need more, and extra nutrients from any source. According to the composition Arthrospira platensis, is composed of special concentrated nutrients that are suitable for exercise and hard training. Taking Arthrospira platensis before training and competition would help energize and strengthen muscle. Because Arthrospira platensis comprises of more than 60 % of proteins and amino acids, so it helps in reducing calories, which is the important factor for weight control in sports events and competition.

What is the usefulness of beta-carotene in Arthrospira platensis?

Beta-carotene is an anticancer substance. Several researches revealed that taking beta-carotene is related to cancer prevention. Beta-carotene is a source of vitamin A, which is mostly found in Arthrospira platensis 20-25 times more than in carrot. In addition, beta-carotene can help protect chemical substances causing malignant tumor, defending chromosomal changes causing cancer and enhancing immune system. Since beta-carotene exhibits high anticancer property, Arthrospira platensis can be replaced for vegetables or fruits.

How does Arthrospira platensis help digestion and absorption system in the body?

There is one microorganism in human intestine called lactobacillus, which helps in digestion and absorption of food, prevent infection and activate the immunity. With its enormous benefits, Arthrospira platensis has become a great hit to take lactobacillus as a food supplement. Arthrospira platensis can activate lactobacillus in intestine and help improve absorption of vitamin B2. Taking Arthrospira platensis is useful to increase lactobacillus in intestine and absorption of vitamin B1 and other vitamin.

Hepatitis and Arthrospira platensis?

Hepatitis is caused by several factors, such as virus infection, non-hygienic food or allergic side effects from medicine. Currently, the way to treat it is to take sufficient rest and also eat more nutrients and proteins. Arthrospira platensis can help to abate chronic and serious hepatitis because it is composed of vitamin B12 and 60-70 % protein; protein is the important factor for hepatitis treatment. Several researches by Japanese physicians found that Arthrospira platensis can help to abate hepatitis.

Arthrospira platensis and patient with pancreatitis?

Inflamed pancreas is caused by self-digestion of liver, drinking too much liquor, gallstone or eating highly fatty food. The treatment is to solve it at its origin; for instance, if the disease is caused from drinking too much alcohol, stop drinking can prevent it. The other treatment may be carried out by eating food with high nutrients. As Arthrospira platensis is rich in protein, high digestion rate, low fat, high vitamins and mineral salts. Arthrospira platensis shall not cause any problem to digestion in the patients suffering from liver disease (pancreatitis).

Arthrospira platensis and hair loss?

Arthrospira platensis is able to reduce rate of hair loss, activate hair growth, as Arthrospira platensis consists of necessary fatty acids (sometimes called vitamin F), including linoleic acid and arachidonic acid which are the important fatty acids for nourishing hair, skin and nail. Meanwhile, they are useful to hair root, leading to the beauty of hair.

How does Arthrospira platensis help to treat anemia?

Arthrospira platensis consists of high protein, chlorophyll, vitamin B12 and folic acid; therefore, it is able to increase the quantity and efficiency of red blood cells, which will result in more exchange of oxygen for better circulation within 30 days. Spirulina also gives excellent nutritive values to the patients who long time- lack nutrients and improves health by providing sufficient vitamin E, B12 and folic acid.

Optic problem and Arthrospira platensis?

At present, more old age people suffer from ophthalmic problems, such as cataract, abnormal retina and the symptom of other diseases, such as diabetes and anemia. Several tests from Japanese physicians were found that spirulina could help treat cataract and stop the development of the disease that affects vision. In the hypertensive patient or clogged blood vessels in retina, Arthrospira platensis can be taken with medicine for better results.

Is Arthrospira platensis easily digested in human body?

95 % of Arthrospira platensis can be easily digested in human body as Arthrospira platensis has thin cell membrane and consists of proteins, polysaccharides, and enzymes that can be quickly dissolved into body. It is, therefore, considered as easily digestive food. Arthrospira platensis is suited to those who have problems about digestion or esophageal including also those old age people.

Can we eat only Arthrospira platensis as food?

Arthrospira platensis is rich and full of nutritious values yet human body should consume different kinds of food and should not consume only one type of food to prevent any lack of nutrient. Arthrospira platensis should be consumed together with food or as food supplement to enhance body health. The Geva F Series is suitable

Is it true that Arthrospira platensis is useful for all ages?

Arthrospira platensis is useful for people of all age; for instance, Arthrospira platensis is easily digested in the old age person, whereas the sportsman shall receive great energy from Arthrospira platensis. Children would receive nutritive values for their growth, or the pregnant women will get folic acid and protein from Arthrospira platensis, etc.


Is Arthrospira platensis internationally accepted?

Spirulina has been accredited and certified by the leading institutes of the world, such as;

1967: “The International Conference on Applied Microbiology” has announced that “Spirulina must be considered as an important future food source”.

1974: UN has announced in the World Food Conference that Spirulina was “The most ideal food for mankind”.

1974: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has introduced that Spirulina was “The best food for tomorrow”.

1981: FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of USA has certified that Spirulina is “The healthy and safety product free from side effects”.

1983: IFE (International Food Exposition) held in East German has awarded the prize “The best natural food” to Spirulina.

1992: WHO (World Health Organization) has introduced that Spirulina was “The healthy product in 21st decade”.

Can children and pregnant woman women take Arthrospira platensis capsules?

Children should take at least 2 capsules a day by taking with milk in the morning and evening. Pregnant women should be advised by physicians before taking Arthrospira platensis capsules.

Should we take Arthrospira platensis capsules before or after meals?

Arthrospira platensis capsules are nutritional supplements, which can be taken before or after meals. However, they should be taken 30 minutes before meals to get the best absorption.

Can patients with heart disease, impaired kidney function, cancer or AIDS undergoing conventional therapy take Arthrospira platensis capsules?

Patients should take medicine as prescribed by physicians and take Arthrospira platensis capsules as nutritional supplements for health improvement and renew body cells. The Arthrospira platensis capsules may be taken alternately with conventional medicines. For example, if the patients take the medicines after meals, they may take the Arthrospira platensis capsules before meals. If they take the medicines both before and after meals, they may take the Arthrospira platensis capsules at bedtime.-






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